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GRSPlus Privacy Policy

What information is being collected?

  • We use google analytics to track visitor counts to see which pages are most popular etc. We don’t have any adverts so don’t target you with anything.
  • We sometimes have forms available for you to fill in, we use the data for the forms purpose and don’t share your data. We may market to you based on the answers to the form but if we do it will be because you have asked us to i.e. you have signed up for a private preview so we will email you when it is available and how you can sign up or to fine tune the requirements before we build / deploy a solution.

Who is collecting your data?

The site is run by Ed Elliott, he uses mailchimp to collect and store data. Any PII date is left within mailchimp and deleted when it is no longer required.

Where does the usage cease?

If you sign up for one thing, you will get that one thing. If you opt-in for more you get more but we won’t spam you forever more (unless you ask us to :))

Who is the data shared with?

No one, ever.


emailed and he will help you out and fix whatever issue you have.