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What is the GRS Plus project?

The GRS Plus project is a place for guidance and tooling to help you make the most of storage in Azure.

The aim is to provide guiance in the form of blog posts and eBooks to help you by:

  • Showing how to choose the correct storage type
  • Giving you tools to effectively use storage in Azure
  • Showing how managed disks work and can be configured
  • Discussing the API's and tooling provided by Microsoft

Who is running this?

My name is Ed Elliott, I am a devey, opsey sort of person with a background in debugging, networking, databases and generally having fun. If you have searched for anything to do with SQL Server and SSDT then you will have probably hit my sql devops blog at some point. I still write at the Agile Sql Club but this site is just for azure storage love

If you would like to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter or linkedin

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